Visualisation (pept.plots)#

PEPT-oriented visulisation tools.

Visualisation functions and classes for PEPT data, transparently working with both pept base classes and raw NumPy arrays (e.g. PlotlyGrapher.add_lines handles both pept.LineData and (N, 7) NumPy arrays).

The PlotlyGrapher class creates interactive, publication-ready 3D figures with optional subplots which can also be exported to portable HTML files. The PlotlyGrapher2D class is its two-dimensional counterpart, handling e.g. pept.Pixels.

pept.plots.format_fig(fig[, size, font, ...])

Format a Plotly figure to a consistent theme for the Nature Computational Science journal.

pept.plots.histogram(data[, nbins, ...])

Create histogram of data with PEPT-relevant defaults for

pept.plots.make_video(frames[, output, fps, ...])

Stitch multiple images from frames into a video saved to output.

pept.plots.PlotlyGrapher([rows, cols, xlim, ...])

A class for PEPT data visualisation using Plotly-based 3D graphs.

pept.plots.PlotlyGrapher2D([rows, cols, ...])

A class for PEPT data visualisation using Plotly-based 2D graphs.